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Aftermovie Connecting the Dots #3

Voor wie er niet bij kon zijn: de aftermovie van Connecting the Dots #3. Waar het ging over #data en #strategie in een overall #eventmarketing aanpak, waardoor je van subjectieve naar objectieve besluitvorming gaat. Met als belangrijke take away meer en beter #samenwerken met (digital) #marketing en dat het delen [...]

1 november 19|

Hoe start je met een event marketing strategie?

Dat je impact kan maken met een goed event hoeven we niemand meer van te overtuigen. “By a significant margin, consumers say the top two advertising channels that best help them understand the benefits of products and services are brand websites and events and experiences. Essentially all other marketing channels [...]

25 oktober 19|

Event strategy at first!

How often do we, as event managers, work on an ad hoc basis? Are very busy with logistical challenges of the next event. And we loose sight of strategy, if there is any. Today, we give you an unique view behind the scenes of ING. How they have put [...]

2 september 19|

The importance of insights

You’ll probably agree with us that events are one of the most valuable marketing tool for relationship minded companies, who would like to grow their business in a sustainable way. On average , 34% of the total marketing budget of Dutch companies, is allocated to Live communication. However, only 26% [...]

1 september 19|
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